I've had so many enquires from people who want to improve their own creative writing, that I thought I'd add this page.


         On it you will find lots of links to blogs about writing, which give help and advice.



     First, from the Crabbit Old Bag, - 'Help! I Need A Publisher!'


     The Old Bag (actually my friend Nicola Morgan) writes: 'In my absurd desire to pander to your every whim and propel you towards publication at no financial gain to myself, I have written a series of free guidelines for writers, called CRABBIT’S FREE TIPS FOR WRITERS.'


          I can also heartily recommend - because I've read it and use it - Nicola's excellent Write a Great Synopsis - An Expert Guide

          You can download it here

           You don't need a kindle - you can download a free kindle app.

          Another excellent guide to writing, which I've also read and used, is Roz Morris' Nail Your Novel - Why Writers Abandon Books and How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence.


          This book provides excellent, down to earth, practical advice on how to plan your novel, how to work out where  it's going wrong, and how to rewrite it.  You can find it here



This link will take you to my own website, to a page telling you how to go about getting published -


          Susan Price - How to get published.

          And here is the NanoWrimo site - an annual attempt to write a novel in a month, which many professional and amateur writers take part in every year - rather like the marathons.

          I dare you!


The Society of Authors - the writers' Trade Union - or, if you're against Trade Unions, the writers' protectors.

          You don't have to be published to join - you can join as an associate member at a lower rate.  The Society will vet contracts, and offer a very useful range of free leaflets on matters affecting writers.





I was once asked for advice on publishing poetry. I am not a poet, so I canvassed some friends who are.  You'll find their comments and advice here.

How To Write Badly Well is a site which, amusingly, offers a lot of tips on how NOT to write.

Let's be clear - neither the RLF nor DMU in any way endorse or recommend, or are in any way connected to Jimdo. This is just a free website with an advert on it.