How Can The R. L. F. Help Me?

            The RLF Fellow is at DMU to help anyone, student or staff-member, at any level of study, who would like to improve their writing. It may be their writing of assignments, or it may be their own creative writing.


            If a tutor has told you your writing is 'clunky' -


            If a tutor has told you that your sentences are too long -


            If you don't know where you should begin a new paragraph -


            If English is your second or third language and you find all those little words – in, at, on, to, the, by – confusing -


            If you've been told that your arguments are difficult to follow -


            Then the RLF Fellow can help with all these matters, and many, many more!


          If you have to write an essay and don't know where to begin, the RLF can help you organise your thoughts and plan the piece.


          If you're interested in publishing yourself, then the RLF can critique your work, and give advice on rewriting, and attempting to get published.


          Over the past two years, the present RLF has helped scores of DMU students, from every faculty, to improve their marks and be more confident as writers.

Let's be clear - neither the RLF nor DMU in any way endorse or recommend, or are in any way connected to Jimdo. This is just a free website with an advert on it.